PVC? Glad you asked...


PVC is known as the most versatile plastic of the world. Products range from food containers and vehicle parts to everything in between.

PVC is composed of two main materials. Chlorine (salt) and Ethylene (crude petroleum)

The ethylene dichloride composition transforms into Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) gas at very high temperature levels. VCM is then transformed into a dust by means of chemical reaction named as polymerization. This is called as PVC.


PVC is extensively used in the construction sector. Products range from pipes, doors and window profiles. Other common uses are in the food and chemistry sectors.


• PVC 100% Recyclable



PVC is a universally preferred material thanks to its low cost, variety and performance parameters. It is tough, durable, rustproof, while being resistant against abrasion and humidity. it is also a nonconductive of electricity and has an excellent resistance against fire.

Less than half of it is made of petroleum, which makes it the best energy-saving plastic. As it has been used more than half of a century, it is one of the most analyzed and tested materials of the world.

PVC is originated from salt, which is a self-renewable and inexpensive natural source.

PVC products consumes less energy, has much less impact on the environment when compared to its rivals. It ensures more effective performance in energy saving.

PVC products are durable and long lived.


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