Wide range of variety in sliding window systems


Those seeking more comfort in their living space can rely on the Schönline Sliding Systems which are designed not only for protection against harsh weather conditions, but also to look beautiful.

You can keep flies and bugs out of your home while ensuring perfect airflow with the new Schönline frame system that incorporates a fly screen rail.

LINE70 Three Rail Sliding Detail

LINE70 Two Rail Sliding Detail

LINE70 Single Rail Sliding Detail

Fly screen- Double Rail, Renovation Sliding Detail

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Brand new look, a stylish narrow frame design with the Schönline signature clean lines to maximum glass space.
Superior solutions to create comfortable and safe indoors.
High-quality sliding mechanisms for years of worry-free use.
Powerful sashes that can carry heavy glass, including thick and double glazing.
Smooth movement mechanism that roll on the aluminum rail.
Easy to clean thanks to its smooth and glossy surface. It is supported with anti-static material to minimize dust settling on surface.

Manufactured to last for decades by bringing together the highest quality and long lasting raw materials.
Line70 Sliding system; with its ability to have up to 6 sashes, offers suitable solutions for wide opening closures.
Ability to use fly screen against all harmful insects and other external influences.
Schönline Sliding systems are water resistant and suitable for all insulation requirements.
Offers many solutions, from one side stationary and one operable sash to 6 operable sashes.

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Protection against flies and bugs with the standard fly screen rail

Line70 sliding systems are designed for space constrained areas with its standard fly screen rail.
Line70 sliding systems fly screen is extremely easy to clean. It can be washed down with water.It may be removed to protect it from the weather if necessary.
The most important feature of the sliding fly screen is that they work on rollers. It provides an ease of operation and will not take up space.
The life span of the sliding fly screen is long.The net is fiberglass and resistant to sun rays.

It keeps your home quite from the noise of the city with its highly efficient double glass applications.
The 70 mm wide profile system is suitablefor all climatic conditions.
Designed to be able to implement superior safety measures against burglary.
It is easy to clean thanks to its smooth and glossy surface while supported with anti-static material to minimize dust settling on surface.
It has been developed to allow the most secure opening and closing locking systems to be applied.
It has been produced to last for decade by bringing together the best quality and long lasting raw materials.


About Schönline

The Schönline brand carries out the production PVC Door and Window Profiles in PVC profile manufacturing line. The conformity of the product with the international norms is checked and tested in expansive laboratories throughout every manufacturing process from receiving raw material in our facilities located in Silivri, Istanbul to the transportation of the product.

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