Why should I replace my doors and windows with new ones?

Windows are the most crucial investment of your house. Schönline understands this, and therefore manufactures every type of window to appeal to broad range of architectural preferences.

How will you realize that it is time for change in you windows?

If there are decays in your windows, blurs on glass, if you are having a hard time opening and closing them, if you experience air and water leaks which causes heat loss and water damage, then it is time to change your windows.

The cost of the old and non-insulated windows on your energy bills will be more than the cost of renewing your windows throughout the life of the new windows.

What are the advantages of changing your old windows with Schönline windows?

• It will increase the value of your house.

It will enable savings in energy bills up to 60%.

The maintenance expenses are little to non since they do not need polishing and painting.

It will add up to the spectacular view of your house.

It will lengthen the physical life of your furniture and electronic appliances.

It will make an extra contribution to your home security.

It will enlighten your housework burden as it can be cleaned easily.

Main Concern Points During and After Installation

Before starting the installation, make sure that the installation personnel laid a protective cloth on the floor to prevent scratches and dirt.

Make sure the installation personnel has taken the necessary safety measures against any possible objects that may fall from the building.

Make sure the installation personnel has inserted the screw covers and water discharge covers.

After completion of the installation process, make sure the opening and closing parts of your windows are operating flawlessly.

Learn the correct using manners for your windows and doors from your installer.

Make sure the protective tapes are removed from frames after the installation is completed.

Any questions or concerns will be answered by your installer.

The frames must be cleaned by using a lightly damped soft sponge. If you like you can use non-abrasive home-use cleaning detergents.


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